HPU Trolley

Set up trips, view departure times, see trip details, and set alerts to be reminded about trolley arrivals for the HPU Trolley system at High Point University in High Point, NC. HPU Trolley provides a simplified tool to access the trolley data and be reminded of trolley arrivals.

Key Features:
  • Create/Define a Trip
    • Select Start and End Points from the Lists (Purple or Silver)
  • View Next Scheduled Trolley Arrival Times 
    • Displays Next 5 Trolleys Scheduled
  • Choose Alternate Start Times for Trip
    • Check Current time or Later in the Day/Evening or to Set Alerts to Remind them to Catch the Trolley Later
  • View Details of Selected Trip 
    • Stop Sequence, Estimated Duration, Number of Stops, etc.
  • Set Alerts/Reminders
    • Set Reminders to Catch the Train on Schedule
    • Leave the Party (or the LIbrary) in Time to Catch that Trolley
  • Multiple Platform Support (Apple/iPhone and Android)
    • Available on Both Apple/iPhone and Android Devices
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Create a Trip (Set Start and End Points)
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Easy steps to start a new trip:
  • Start a Trip by Clicking on the Create a Trip Menu Item
    • Or Use the "View Last Trip" Option
  • Click on the Start and End Stations
    • Create a Desired Trip “on the Fly”
    • Choose from Stations on Purple, Silver or a Combination
  • Push the “Show Arrivals” Button to Get Results
    • Displays the Next 5 Trolley Arrival Times from the Schedule
    • Assumes the next 5 from the current time
  • If Desired, Select an Alternate Start Time
    • Allows you to check the schedule and set alerts for later in the day
  • View Results
    • Displays the Trip Sequence and Transfer Point (if needed)
    • Determines Whether a Transfer is Required, and
Show Scheduled Trolley Arrival Times at Selected Stop
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Quick view of scheduled trolley arrivals:
  • Allows students to check for available trolley times and set alerts to remind them to get ready to board.
    • View the Next 5 Schedule Trolley Arrivals at the Selected Start Station
  • Provides an option to change the desired travel time
    • To specify a time later in the day or evening as opposed to the current time.
  • View the Target Route for the selected trip
  • Click on a selected arrival time to set up and trip and optionally set a reminder
View Route and Set Alerts
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Quick view of scheduled trolley arrivals:
  • View Stops and Arrivals
    • View the entire set of stops, estimated travel time, and estimated arrival time based on the schedule
  • Set Reminder/Alert
    • Request to set an alert to remind you to get ready to catch the selected trolley at the start station.
    • Helps to remind you to leave the dorm, pack up from the library, or make your way out of the party to catch the target trolley.
  • Manage Your Time
    • Better manage your time with MetroMinder HPU Trolley Alerts